A poet’s world-yaskhan/yassy in Poetry

yaskhan/yassy in Poetry


A poet was born when the heart began to cry
Embracing the page to scribble from nib's eye.

Words drench the walls around the heart
Flipping the bloodrate to a new start.

The heart rushes to the tune of syllable, word
Spilling like a rainbow into a colorful blur.

Blossoms of the soul that unfurl
Gift of scent unfolding into a whirl.

Rhyme and rhythm begin to grow
Verses with reason begin to flow.

Poets understand poet's woes
Like petals of a flower in motion heard.

Cracks in the soul heal to forget
A smile drowns all the regret.

And the cry of the words not denied
Tears of ink run down cheeks, now dried.

Whispers of the soul now find their voice
Thoughts that once bled speak a new rejoice.

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