I can feel your heartache

In the shape of your words

The sound of your voice

The very breath you exhale

It is an invisible weight

That holds you close to the ground


I can feel your heartache

I see that you are

Nearing the end of yourself

I want to reach across the miles

And enfold you in my arms

Rest your head

On my shoulder


Stroke your hair

While you weep

Keep you safe

While you break

Lend you my strength

As our tears intermingle

Saline pearls


I can feel your heartache

It is piercing



Picture my hand on your heart

My voice whispering in your ear

Reminding you that I am near

All you have to do is breathe


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. This poem touches something in me which I fail to explain. It’s so common that people will say such things as not enough words or feelings or thoughts to describe the emotional feedback they receive from reading something so pure and thoughtful. The truth is, that’s exactly how I feel about this poem. I have no response to how high and rich it is. Nothing.


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