Do you kneel

on cold flagstone floor

when confessing to me

those sins

you longed to keep hidden?

Those human failings

dark deeds

fatal flaws


with the self-portrait

you handed me

in gilt-edged frame

guileless smile on your face

Did you think me

judge and jury

meting out Old Testament justice?

Harsh faced priest

behind the confessional wall

powerful enough

to damn you to hell?

Avenging angel?

I do not keep the gods

on speed dial

I am no stone cold bitch

dripping paint brush in hand

ready to paint the letter

of your shame

on your chest

I am sorry

that the lies and omissions

you protected so fiercely

have caught up with you

cracked your beautiful facade

I am sorry

that you are so fearful

that I cannot love your imperfect truth


Image courtesy of Alexander Berdin-Lazursky & Pinterest

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



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