String Theory

The strings of my heart

are like the strings of a guitar

thin, seemingly fragile

but steel, with tensile strength

They dig into tender tissue

create calluses

sometimes draw blood

when strummed too much


At times

the music they produce

too flat

when these strings sag with weariness

too sharp

when they are wound too tight

When pulled to the breaking point

they can snap

broken strands

curling into themselves protectively

damage seemingly irreparable


Each string of my heart

can ring individually with acoustic clarity

notes floating  gently in the air

tickling your inner ear


these heartstrings

create complex chords


Sing my truth

play a haunting song

that draws you closer

invites you in

swirls in your head

calls to your heart

until your heartstrings start

to vibrate in tune with mine

Perhaps we will play a duet

create a joyful noise


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved




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