Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge: Penny Wilson

Daylight brushes the shadows aside.  My ebony shield is gone.  The demons once again give birth.  The light of day exposes my wounds.  The world sees.  Eyes strip me naked.

The Demons move in.  Their assault is brutal.  I cower from a world that my eyes alone are privy to.

A kind soul extends a hand.  He sees the thing that I’ve become.  I turn away and retreat again to the dark caress of the night.

My body is safe but I’m restless; unable to sleep.  I’ve found respite until the clouds move aside and the moon eats the darkness.

My blog Penny Lane’s Thoughts is about me and my life experiences, stories I’m working on and maybe even a little poetry. Although my writing may be a bit random, it will give my friends and family a better picture of who I am.


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