F€@® & L0√£-Matthew Eayre/Uneven Street Studios

Matthew Eayre/Uneven Street Studios


I’m at the age where I realize,

Nothing, actually (Sublime)
Just say the words, tell me I’ll be okay.

You don’t have to mean it, it ain’t gotta be true, you’ll never have to be accountable for what comes or goes,

Just say the words.

I tell my friend, she of open heart and hospitality, tell me my parenting will get easier, tell me it gets better.

She says, yes.

She says, I did it, you will too.
I tell my son, he of 13 years and internet-trolling, if it’s not true, helpful or necessary,

Don’t fucking say it.

He says, okay Dad.

He says, I understand.
I tell my wife, she of magical unicornism and poetry-inducing madness,

I will always give what I have, I will work until I drop, to give us, I say, to give you,

To provide for you, my girl, wife, dream, goddess, queen,


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