Moon Ate the Dark: Writing Prompt Challenge: Xenia Dormer

Eating away at the darkness, a smoky moon rose silently over the forest. Thin clouds slipped across the sky, turning a pale grey tinged with blue as they passed over the silvery light that now hung against the darkness. Only the brightest stars where visible, their delicate light fading away as the moon climbed higher, flickering nimbly.

Beneath a canopy of leaves the forest was much darker. What little light was able to stagger through the branches was thin and unwelcomed. Depthless shadows crept between the trees, sinking away from the silver shards that penetrated this soundless world.

Light feet carried a sleek body through the forest. Swiftly passing through the undergrowth, each step hardly a whisper against the solid night.

A solitary wolf moved through the shadows; yellow eyes penetrating the blackness, rapid breaths rising up in ghostly swirls, trotting purposefully over the hard earth and crumbling leaves.

Some sound or movement caused the wolf to stop in a small opening. The trees here were further apart and the gaps in the branches allowed more light to reach the forest floor. Its dark grey coat was tipped with frost; powerful muscles tense against the cold. A slight rustling sent bright eyes darting across the shadows, hackles raised and ears pricked forward. A tawny owl emerged from the lower branches of the nearest birch tree, swivelling its head to gaze down at the wolf below. The wolf raised its head towards the tree, gazing blankly back. With soft wings the owl took flight, launching off the branch and swooping low over the wolf before rising with a single powerful stroke towards the sky.

The wolf stared after it for a moment before shaking the chill from its coat and continuing its journey through the darkness. Its shape blending back into the forest, becoming just another shadow between the trees.

Xenia Dormer is brand new to WordPress.  Her blog is WorldsBeyond

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