Differences-Olde Punk/RamJet Poetry

Olde Punk giving me chills

RamJet Poetry


It could have been different

I remember snow falling

and a fleet of foxes

leaving soft trail in the new drifts

hot chocolate flavored whiskey

herb and venison stew simmering slow

Desperate Journalist playing in the den

parliaments and democracies worrying

about volcanoes and nuclear storms

a twinkle in the eye

bite down on the Bitcoin billionaire

I caressed the words you were forming

sanctity in the silence before

knickers and freshly laundered sheets

on the morning a crispness, cruel

a cramp in the muscles, except

in your mind

fever came quickly with the fallout days

underscored by semantics of reason

bright were the goodbyes in a Viking pyre sort-of-way

conspiracies and treason

flags of our palace tattered

dreaming a distant tomorrow

I felt I was falling backward

I of the small sorrows

you were crying but I couldn’t stop it

I was trying but you couldn’t stop it


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