Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge: Sacha

The pain radiates from the core

Though my body isn’t hurt.

Every muscle has become sore

Yet my lungs still breathe

In – Out – Fresh air, inert,

The wind has made a wreathe

Of flowers and cool, green, healthy leaves

Around my head

And a garland of thorns bundled into sheaves

That stings my throat

And my heart red.

I know my cheeks are pale

Don’t stare –

Not with those doleful eyes.

I look at the moon, and only she can see me

Blushing behind these cheerless lips

Hungry for love –

Pink and full of kisses

Before the sour poisons of the skies

Made them look so frail.

Far green irises and specks of brown

Are vital and alive behind the masks –

The sombre masks of thoughts

That painted on my face a frown

I cannot brush it off

And away –

Where the moon ate the dark waves of the sea

And left a trail of light for me.

My name is Sacha and I decided to start a blog as a follow-up to my best friend’s advice that I share my thoughts, poetry and art with the world.  I blog at THE COLOUR OF POETRY


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