Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: Cold Nostalgia and a Warmed Heart/December Rose

Where have the days gone

Of frozen toes and a runny nose

A stroll in the park

This romantic prose


Of snowball throws

And marshmallows

Atop a steaming mug

Of hot cocoa


When schools would close

From the perfect snow

That blankets the streets

And soaks your clothes


Where have the nights gone

When we’d stay awake

From gifts we anticipate

Our whole body shakes


Now I’m in a different state

I know what it means to ameliorate

I’ve grown up too fast and moved so far away

I’ve laid to sleep some childish ways


Now, in the Arizona air

Where the weather’s fair

My son’s asleep

His chin still bare


I stand, looking down

Can’t help but stare

I once was there

While my father prepared


Gifts beneath the Christmas tree

Most of them just for me

Now it’s my turn

To be jolly, I can’t wait for my son to see


The snow, the bitter winter freeze

That beckons the man on sled and skis

The season begins

With Christmas past and future dreams

I’ve never heard a song that more accurately describes my experience of Thanksgiving dinner and what the holidays season means to me than “First Snow in November” by Skippy. Growing up in Detroit, I’m used to a very different scene than the one here in Arizona, and I miss it dearly. “God gave us memories so we could have roses in December” means something completely different now, because just yesterday I pruned my rose bush, and it’s still budding and blooming. The hope that I cling to is that I would give my children a holiday season, whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc that they’d remember for the rest of their lives, and that they’d try to emulate for their children, too.

My name is December Rose… Well, that’s not entirely true, but I prefer that name as a writer. Just like everyone else, I’m not just a writer. I’m also not just a musician, engineer, coffee enthusiast, or child, but I am all of those things and plus a bit more. I’ve lived life and had my share of wonderful and regrettable experiences, and found that my place in the world seems to be in words. I like to tell stories about my friends because they’re all quirky characters, and I think they could all be legends, if they’d let themselves. I like to write poetry about the beautiful things in life, and yeah, sometimes I get a bit melancholy. Really, my December Rose blog is all about wearing my heart on my sleeve and keeping up my creative writing skills, since my job requires zero creativity, and if I went all day without some sort of outlet, I’d lose myself. I’d appreciate any and all critique (don’t worry about sparing my feelings. If you’re coming from the angle of trying to help me improve, I’ll understand even the most nit-picky critique) because I do intend to write and publish books someday. I also just love people, and if my writing can be an inspiration or simply bring a smile to even one other human, it’ll be worth it to me. My goal is to make memories, be in memories, and give others something to remember.

“God gave us memories so we could have roses in December” – J. M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan)


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