Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: A Very Bizarre Christmas Eve- Damian Grange

The music video for Hey! Santa, where’s me fucking bike is available on YouTube.  It is NOT child or work appropriate

Several years ago, we decided to spend Christmas Eve in one of the City Public Houses we often frequented. As we had expected, we met up with lots of friends and acquaintances with the same idea. We had had what we considered a good night, it was just a few minutes before midnight, so we decided to finish our drinks and call it a night.

Almost dead on midnight the doors shot open, and two big fat guys in Santa Suits rode in to the pub on Kiddies Tricycles, they immediately did two laps of the pub. Brenda our friendly and sociable landlady had a screaming fit behind the bar, and while all this was happening, the track on the jukebox was ‘Hey! Santa, where’s me fucking bike?’ by the Australian comedian, Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson.

As you can probably imagine, these events turned a good night in to an unforgettable one!

© Damian Grange 2017

I am a 74 yrs old aspiring author. In my life I have been many things, I am relatively well traveled and have many and varied interests. I was on the British goth Scene for many years and a certain amount of my writing still reflects this. I write under the name of Damian Grange.  You can read more of my writing at Malcolm Marsh – Author

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