Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: My winter underpants/Lee Dunn

See the snow

How it’s glistening

To a voice I am listening

It tells me I must go

On down the rabbit hole

Like Alice in her dreamy wonderland

So I go

Out the doorway

And the cold feels like Norway

There’s no time to dress

And I look like a mess

Walkin’ in my winter underpants

I feel so cold, just roamin’ in the gloamin’

A searchin’ for that silly rabbit’s den

A girl said “Aren’t you freezin’?”

I said “No Ma’am”

The whiskey has just started settin’ in

It may seem

I’m a liar

I’ve just dreamed this entire

I wake up in a trance

And watch the snowflakes dance

Been walkin’ in my winter underpants


This poem was inspired by, and should be sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland.

My favorite version is by Michael Buble


My name is Lee Dunn, and I blog at AREMYFEETOFFTHEGROUND

I’ve been retired for a year, and am trying to pursue a lifelong desire to write. Lots of time to do it now, and better than thinking of that rocking chair.

I live in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada

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