Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: Devereaux Frazier-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

The air is chilled 

from my nostrils, burning with anticipation 

to my hands, digging into the frost bitten mud

and I cannot build up the will

to bury my hands in the falling snow

fingertips redder than the bare nipples 

you were too eager to display 

and then I saw him with you, so now we know

he couldn’t fill

your misery any better than I could 

yet you yearned for him, excused me

now I’m left grasping a single dollar bill

I love you Devereaux” you whispered to me

but judging by my own eyes that was a lie

now I’m left with the images 

and I cannot hide, I must believe 

so I took aim at your heaving chest 

unaware of the impending doom

your orgasm would be ending soon

Merry Christmas, I couldn’t care less 


Yule Shoot Your Eye Out is from Fall Out Boy’s Greatest Hits album. While its not one of their most widely recognized, it is one of their best (to me), and it’s songs like these that showcase their versatility.  The song is about a girl they’ve (?) moved on from, with a lot less guitar as others (like Alpha Dog), but with the same FOB style that they’ve become known and loved for. This song inspired my piece because of a failed relationship of my own, with someone I thought was my friend…

I’m Devereaux Frazier, the voice behind An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance. Through poetry I discuss my life on the spectrum and how the events that happen in my personal life and the world around me mold my autistic life. I work at a donut and coffee shop and am an avid KC Chiefs and Fall Out Boy fan. You can find my work at Literary Arts Review, Teen Ink, and all across WordPress.

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