There Will Be Dragons

Since childhood

she was told

fairy tales

of brave knights

rescuing helpless maidens

from fearsome dragons

in remote lairs


She was quiet

during these stories

Others took this

for fear


She did not

correct them

She kept her

secrets close


For a dragon

dwelled deep

within her

Impenetrable scales

the color of

peacock feathers

Fire curling

in its belly





When threatened

or furious

The skin of

her stomach

her breasts

would begin

to itch

to change


dragon hide

Fire would rise in

her belly

her vision would


The world gone red


So far

she had kept

the dragon


Held in check

But these were

trying times

Her dragon

ached to be set



Feel the wind

in its wings

Roar to the


Show its might

Gnash its teeth


She knew

deep down

that she was the dragon

The dragon was her

She pitied those

who meant her harm

or sought to control

the wild beast

within her soul


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


      1. Well, when I looked up the spelling I found some of her books that even I have not read. I hear Amazon calling. I think your geek credibility is safe. I’ve been reading le Guin for about 50 years.


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