Morning Tanka 3

Dancing in the dark

With the demons in my head

I lead, they follow

Our steps familiar, practiced

Shall we waltz, foxtrot , tango?


I should have refused

Told them my dance card was full

But they know me well

I always slip willingly

Into their poison embrace


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. This could be a beautiful, little snapshot of most people’s night time, mental wanderings. It certainly is mine. If I may point out one thing though, and please don’t think this is a criticism offered just for the sake of it, but most of this short piece reads as the demons being the controlling influence, that is except for the line where you say ‘I lead, they follow.’ You might consider swapping the roles in this line to cement the pressure you maintain the demons possess. I may have misinterpreted your words, and if I have it is because of an error on my part: not yours. Thank you for sharing.


  2. The Demon Whispered Back

    Where have you been?
    I waited in the usual spot
    Knew it would just take time
    I am patient for my dancer
    She dances like no other.

    Tried to refuse me again?
    I would laugh, but we know
    My laughter only rides our rhythm
    While you try to slip
    Poison in my sweet tea,



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