Demon Duet- Christine Ray & Stephen Fuller

My dear friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Fuller wrote a response poem to Morning Tanka 3.  I have paired them here below.

Morning Tanka 3

Dancing in the dark

With the demons in my head

I lead, they follow

Our steps familiar, practiced

Shall we waltz, foxtrot , tango?


I should have refused

Told them my dance card was full

But they know me well

I always slip willingly

Into their poison embrace


The Demon Whispered Back

Where have you been?

I waited in the usual spot

Knew it would just take time

I am patient for my dancer

She dances like no other.


Tried to refuse me again?

I would laugh, but we know

My laughter only rides our rhythm

While you try to slip

Poison in my sweet tea,




  1. It is always fun to find those threads and dive into a character… thank you for writing the original post and sharing it! The Demon…


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