Who Were You Before the War? (revisited)

Who were you


the War?

The war fought over

the disputed territory

of your budding

woman-child’s body?


Can you recall

the you

you were


borders were violated

in relentless invasion?


When control was wrestled away

Trust broken

Innocence lost

Drops of rich red blood

dripping on newly fallen snow


Titanium armor

has since been acquired

Weapons of mass destruction


Deep trenches


Heart locked

in ivory tower

Soul wandering

the dark dungeons



now your boon companions


Do you still remember

who you were

before the war?


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


      1. I have had the same fleeting thoughts. Oddly I choose to still experience them as they have not only given me despair and pain but endless strength and empathy
        I’m sure it had the same affect on you?
        Happy New Year 🌸

        Liked by 1 person

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