Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: On This Winter’s Night/Gina Gallyot

I love winter and snow, this everybody knows. And I long for it like children long for Santa Claus and Christmas Eve. I heard this song back in 2012 when I was preparing to go away to Canada for work. I thought about snow and walking in snow and rolling in snow. Alas, my work attachment happened in spring, with no snow.

The song talks about the simple things in life, a kiss, icicles adorning a tree, someone to hold me tight, life’s joys and blessings and all the shared memories. What a joyful and sweet song. Even if you did not love snow as much as me you’d want it by the end of the song.

But this song says more to me than just about a winter season and the beauty of snow. It tells me that I am the daughter of a King, that I am worthy of love, it tells the story of a child born for greatness and love, a child just like you and me. A child who came to bring love and hope. Winter is a time of magical beauty, the white winter snow seems to blanket out all negativity and bitterness. It brings love back to our door.

Of all of the months in the year I love December the most. I have very fond memories of each December of my life, each one a Christmas bauble, fragile and precious, adorning the tree that grows in my heart. The only safe place I know. The love I have to give is the shiniest bauble of all.

This December I am grateful for many things, while it has been a year of great loss, it has also been a year of great joy. When in autumn I thought I could not be loved for the sorrow I carried in me, now here in December my love, he has returned to me.

It’s both a physical and spiritual love of two people who are drawn together by an almost indescribable fate yet have lives that pull us apart at every turn. But he’s always ready to offer me his warmth, his strong arms to hold me tight, and I allow his tenderness to engulf me and together we promise each other to fight the forces that try to tear us apart. But because we are both hopeful souls, we might just make it together.


you are a Saturn and I, a Neptune

with a ring of fire around your heart

you said I broke your atmosphere

with my laugh


earth humans destined to meet

our fates written in the stars

yet our centrifugal force

kept us spinning

away from each other

like two magnets charged with electricity

on a tightly bound sphere forever


I often drifted into invisibility

but he found me

by some mathematical prediction

and asked me if my cold heart

beneath my satin skin

would ever beat in a rhythm for him


one stormy day

I let him orbit away

leaving a taste of

ammonia on my tongue

a sick yellow pallor

against my ice blue hue


but he returned on a December day

said he was no longer in a hurry

patiently waited to see my ice flurry

float and then come to stay


I live on the equator, in hot and humid Malaysia, in an over populated suburb that is vibrant and packed with malls. I write about my thoughts on life and my hope for the future. My beautiful children keep my head out of the clouds and connected to the real world. Life has taken me on a merry ride and I am still enjoying the journey, more so now with the freedom to write poetry and stories about a life less lived but with much still to be discovered and enjoyed.

I blog at Singledust


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