#MeToo Writing Contest Honorable Mention: Mr. Blog/Going Back

Blood Into Ink recently held an #MeToo Writing Prompt Challenge. For the next two weeks BII will be publishing the submissions that made the biggest impact on the Curators. I hope that you will honor the writers who submitted by reading their work and showing support. They are fierce warriors and brave as hell to share their stories.

Blood Into Ink

Going Back

feeling no fear, I descend those


wearing the Wooden Steps thinner than 21 years ago

with the weight of my mission.

creaking, stepping, as the Cave of Crime

swallows my view.

the Guns, swaddled in dust, draped in webs of years disappeared

remain impeccably centered

one on each of the wicked Walls.

the Clock, red-eyed and glaring

reminding me of the time – 11:06 –

I was once paralyzed with fear.

and that Bed

that Fucking Bed

clothes and dignity stripped There

as my body and soul were

Penis Pierced.

It Lives Here.

But I’m Back.

glancing about this Room – just a Room – of nothing

I seize It

breathe cascades of It in

and tuck It in the crevices of My Heart.

It is now mine and

I’m Taking It Back.

Mr. Blog sleeps in a bed, has a dog, loves the ocean, the #22, the color…

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