Brilliant Madness (Revisited 2)

I live in a state

of brilliant madness

teethering on the apex

of a jagged mountain

balanced atop a skateboard


least shift of weight

momentary loss of focus

resulting in long careen

into a ravine

of jagged rocks

fallen branches

brackish water

It is exhausting

and exhilarating


My thoughts



atoms in a cyclotron

thick blue dots

moving in clear viscous liquid

of tall glass cylinder

reaching for the ceiling

reaching for the sky

tt times they synchronize

military formation

at others they collide

in complete anarchy


I dwell

in the still quiet hours


my personal twilight

human and canine companions asleep

house creaky with age

forced hot air

I ignore the mouse

scurrying in the kitchen

non-aggression treaty intact

as long as we do not come face-to-face


I have been waking

in one of two states

words pulling at me

rousing me


that I sit in front of the

impersonal screen

serve as a conduit

as they take shape

write themselves


The other state

suspended animation

frozen in time

trapped in silence

unable to muster

a single word

a single truth



I admit to myself

if to no one else

deep ambivalence toward

jagged little pharma

sitting on the kitchen table

that may save my life

but steal

this brilliant madness


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

© Revised 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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