I stand before you

More naked

More stripped


Than I have

Ever been




I have always thought

Falling in love

Would be a gentle

Drop backwards

Gracefully landing

Onto piles of autumn


Or deep freshly

Fallen snow


But this falling

Is a mad



Through space

A free-fall tumble

Where I no longer

Know up from down


I am breathless

Worried about a crash

That might leave

My body and heart



On sharp rocks or

Hanging from

A tree branch


My heart

Pounds wildly

While you free yourself

From your clothes

There is no armor

Left between us

We are revealed


Equal parts desire

And fear


After an eternity

You step in

And hold my face



And I am feeling

Emotions I do not

Even have

Language for yet


I realize

That you are the

Eye of my hurricane

The calm

In the center

Of this storm

Capable of holding

Us steady

During this crazy ride


I am reminded

Of everything

That has brought

Us here

And this


Is grounding

I am less afraid

With your hands firm

But gentle

On my face


As if captured

In amber

Your extraordinary


Hold mine

Your skin

So close but not

Quite touching


And suddenly

All I want to do

Is bridge the distance

Between us

And continue

Falling into you


22 thoughts on “Falling

    1. It always fills me with a certain wistfulness. A desire for something that perhaps I have almost but not quite touched and perhaps will never have the opportunity to. Ignore me Eric, I am apparently feeling the weight of the years today.


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