Living with Invisible Illness: Outside Is Not For Outsiders- Kimmy Alan

Inspired by my battle with Agoraphobia


Outside is no place for an outsider

Best stay inside where they leave you alone


Outside love and friendliness is not condoned

Especially for those who are not of this zone

Out there they just stare at one who is not their own

Beware of the outside when you’re an outsider


What might happen to you out-there is unknown

Inside is far safer than outside for an outsider


Outsider, you’ll never hear, “Hi, Hello, or Shalom”

‘Lonely,’ is the name of this city they call their home


So, outsider, best heed my sincere reminder

Don’t go outside when you an outsider

Stay inside, be content with being on your own

kim solemKimmy Alan is a wannabe poet from the land of Lake Woebegone.  A retired steel worker who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Kimmy Alan pursed his love of poetry as a distraction while undergoing chemo and radiation.  For him, poetry has proven to be a powerful catharsis as he is currently in remission.  When he isn’t writing he spends time with his four wonderful nieces, whom he says “are driving him to pieces.”

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