Resources for Writers: Go Dog Go Cafe and Eyes + Plus Words Writers Group

One of my favorite things about sharing my writing publicly has been the community of writers I have discovered on-line.  I would like to share two of my favorite writing resources with you.


It’s a very friendly place filled with warm, talented and inspiring people. The Go Dog Go Café is accessible to anyone who wants to be part of building a healthy and supportive writing community. It’s the inception of Stephen Fuller and has attracted many like-minded souls as we journey together writing and finding our voice in the world.  15 Baristas and many other guest writers provide fresh writing and regular features on the writing life that draw a diverse and lively audience.

Eyes + Words Writer’s Group

 Jacob Ibrag of Eyes + Words recently created a closed Facebook group to support writers who use WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  It has a positive vibe and is another place to meet writers, network and find an audience.  You can request to be added here.

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