The Beauty Trap-Valerie Hathaway

Valerie Hathaway

I watched the false prophets on TV.

They churn words of popular thoughts,

Creating a feeding frenzy amongst themselves.

Yet behind the flawless makeup and

Tightening undergarments,

There is an unspoken lie.

Thousands of women

Lose their lives to be thin and look pretty.

No amount of foundation,

No amount of “healthy food,”

Can hide an investment into insanity,

Leaving emaciated bodies and souls in their wake.

No perfectly coiffed hair,

No majestically tailored clothing,

Can cover an ugly, shark heart

And the grabbing hands for more money

From souls desperate for completion.

We are going into our own ruin

For this so-called “beauty” trap.

We are crying to be seen,

Yet freedom rests in our own skin.

Liberty is our natural hair,

Our dimples and bellies,

Our vessels or nurturing blood.

There is no concealer

When we are cherished for our veins,

For our generous, caring hands,

For our…

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