Blue Was Not The Warmest Color

Our parting was not such sweet sorrow

It was piercing pain

Sleepless nights

Wrenching sobs

Heartbreak playlists on Spotify

No comfort to be found

Lover and best friend both lost

In a stunningly abrupt



Blue was not the warmest color

As you packed our past and your jeans

In your suitcase

Before walking casually out our door

Her car waiting at the curb

“We can still be friends”

Your parting words


I don’t want to be friends

I want to be the ghost

That never lets you rest

The name it always hurts to say

The one you regret the rest of your

Damn long life

Because this pain has your

Name all over it

The parting gift I never asked for

And would like to return to sender

12 thoughts on “Blue Was Not The Warmest Color

      1. Yes, but stronger for it, I’d say. What was worse was hearing my kids’ heartache over the phone or seeing them crying after a break up and being completely helpless.


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