Girls for Satan (Re-devilized)

Henna, bringing a new twist to one of my favorites.

Murder Tramp Birthday


“We are nothing much but sin,” I said
as I kissed my best friend’s budding tit
under the blanket
where we were hiding from our parents
She said my mouth was burning
I said: “So let’s never be pure again”.

I once fell in love with a classmate.
I was going to confess my feelings,
when she turned to me and said
she wanted to talk to me about god.
I since then

It was funny, back when
we were a bunch of chuckling preteens
we would sneak into the bathroom together,
pull out our pocket knives
and tie hands, chanting in dissonance
as we cut off our golden curls.

People say girlhood is full of glitter and carnage.
We would chew off the heads of boys who over-talked us
and let their blood water our throats,
nourish our unholy lust for revenge
we chewed bubblegum and…

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