Living with Invisible Illness: Tables- Storyspiller

Voices chatter in my ears.

Just beyond,

I can make out a line of benches and I squint.

Is this truly where I want to be?


Today’s the first day of camp.


surround every table

sunlight flitting through their hair,

the wind

waving its arms in the air.


sit in their hands,


with tomato-squeezed agony

as their faces change like traffic lights


with a smile every minute

as they chit and chat,

discussing each other’s cats.


Their voice mingle in the air, the early summer breeze kicking in.

I watch them and wonder,

how can they be so fond of one another?

Listen to voices everyday?


I can’t talk. Neither can I walk. So I sit here,

Watching them


What would I do to be normal too?


Life’s not easy,

Neither is it great,

But I do what I can with my lemons,

Making lemonade,

Opening a stand and sharing what I have

and what I can.


Being disabled isn’t great,

But sometimes,

We need to stop and learn not to hate,

Because there’s more than you know,

More than we can ever see.

She’s a girl who writes everyday. Crazy, insane they call her. She’s been known to be dedicated and hardworking and as a writer, aims to change the world with her literary works. Storyspiller has published on several websites, including her own blog and continues to everyday. You can find her at WRITING

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