My secret tricks to combat writer’s block- Abbey/An Anonymous Escape From Life

Excellent advice from Abbey at An Anonymous Escape From Life

An anonymous escape from life

Having been writing since I was a tiny tot I’ve encountered many bouts of the thing serious writers dread the most: writer’s block. I can say to this day that I have about five “books” made of stapled paper with my scraggly 6-10 year old writing, and I never finished a single one. I have a 40,000 word novel-in-progress that I typed up in 2014 but scrapped because it was half-plagiarised (yes, I’m admitting I stole some ideas 😆) and sounded terrible. I also have over 10 word documents on my desktop with stories I started but never finished.

So I’m going to share with you the secret tricks that I use to combat writer’s block

  • Read. Always always continue reading regardless of your ‘blockage’. It doesn’t even have to be in the genre you write in. For me, my daily reading comes in three parts: a novel of…

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