Obsession #2


Were you my obsession

Or was I yours?

When my ego was at all-time low

You told me I was






You told me that you and your lover

Were  in an open relationship

So I let you kiss me

I kissed you back

Looked into those gorgeous blue eyes

Tangled my fingers in your curly black hair

Made out with you until we were both

Breathless and aching

Turned out you and your girlfriend had different ideas

About how “open” your relationship was

She took me out for coffee and set me straight

She told me to stay away

I tried to stay away

But we were wildfire together

Juliet and Romea

Late night phone calls

Passionate love letters

Your best friend our go-between

Shaking her head sadly

Knowing this wasn’t going to end well

We had just enough impulse control

To keep our tank tops on

And our jeans zipped up

Given the reputation our emotional affair

Earned me

I have always kind of regretted

Not just tearing your clothes off

And getting you out of my system


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved




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