Elixir-Nicole Lyons


Divine writing from Nicole Lyons

The Lithium Chronicles

As of today, I have gone
five days without drinking
a cup of coffee,
and the state of the world
would be alarming right now
if I wasn’t so hell-bent
on this caffeine-free suicide.
But I see the world,
through clearer eyes now,
as some sort of self
involved expert.
I am almost a week
without stimulants,
so that has to make me divine.
And in my divinity,
I have noticed that
some people age well,
they wear their years
like ballroom dresses,
but I have yet to find
the elixir that scrubs
the years from my eyes.
I have lived as I have loved,
and I have loved well and hard,
and there is something about
the beauty of it all
that settles in the wrinkles
below my eyes and the creases
on my forehead that makes me think
I would be striking in a gown of my own.

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