Brave and Reckless Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award


I was nominated for this award by the spectacular Allane at Spo_oky and Henna Sjöblom at Murder Tramp Birthday. Allane always makes me laugh and Henna’s writing is one of a kind– I urge you to stop by and visit both of their sites.  You will not be bored!

The rules for this award is to write seven interesting facts about yourself, then pass the award on to fifteen of your favorite bloggers.

  1. I would need to live to be 110 to finish all the books in my “to-read” pile.
  2. My resume is completely eclectic.  I worked for 20 years as a social worker, 9 years as an administrator for large university- based research centers, as a receptionist and database manager, waited tables, sold sewing machines and fabric, freelance edited and proof-read books of poetry, novels and doctoral dissertations, have been a professional artist, taught bead-weaving and quilting classes and used to educate medical students and psychiatry residents about Pennsylvania Mental Health laws.
  3. I love the words “acoustics” and “texture.”
  4. If I followed the guidelines of Marie Kondo’s The Joy of Tidying Up (“only keep clothes that bring you joy”,) my wardrobe would consist of sweats, brightly colored leggings, a fleece-lined hat, cozy fingerless gloves, my “Feminist Badass” Sweatshirt, a staggering collection of Totoro and Jane Austen tees shirts, a pair of clogs and a pair of silver metallic Birkenstocks.  Oh, and a big pile of socks with Studio Ghibli characters or profanity.
  5. I adore the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle.
  6. I can knit, crochet, weave, quilt, bead-weave, use a kumihimo disk, and am obsessed with Zentangles.  I have amassed an obscene amount of art supplies throughout my adult life and like to say that I have never met a pattern that I can’t alter.
  7. I secret ambition is to write young adult fiction.

Fifteen bloggers I would like to pass this award on to are:

  1. Devika Mathur at My Valiant Soul
  2. Karem Barrett at Singing Heart
  3. Kristiana Reed at My Screaming Twenties
  4. Megha Sood at Megha’s World
  5. Varnika Jain at Moonlighting Scrivener
  6. Ward Clever at Ward Clever
  7. Olde Punk at RamJet Poetry
  8. Devereaux Frazier at The Struggle And Victory Discovered In Aspergers Through Poetic Passion
  9. John W. Lays at Darkness of His Dreams
  10. Ra’ahe Khayat at Fallen Alone
  11. Basilike Pappa at Silent Hour
  12. Michael Erickson at The Ink Owl
  13. Stephen Fuller at Pointed Home
  14. Nicholas Gagnier at Free Verse Revolution
  15. Matt Eayre Uneven Streets Studio

Thank you again for thinking of me Allane and Henna!  I am honored.










29 thoughts on “Brave and Reckless Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I love crocheting, knitting, weaving, quilting and bead-weaving but, unfortunately, have no idea how to do them. My mother tried to show me how to knit, but I was hopeless. I only know a little embroidery. I really admire these talents – you can make so many beautiful things!

    Congratulations on the award! And thank you for nominating me!


          1. That’s true. Anything creative you do with your hands is very relaxing, therapeutic almost. And you can enjoy making something as much as having finished and using it. I love giving old furniture a makeover. I have some pieces I’m proud of!


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