Song of the Road


Constant movement

Always on the road

Performing for a crowd



Always kissing hello

Or goodbye

In an airport




To my city

Quiet life

Maintaining routine

A woman alone


Until our worlds collide again

A long weekend here

A week or two there

Sometimes we never leave my apartment

Or your hotel room

Before one of us must

Move on


No words of commitment


I would not ask

You could not promise


I assume there are other lovers

A beautiful stranger

You might be taking

Into your bed


Easing your loneliness

Working off adrenaline

Never invited for breakfast


She has your attention

For the moment

She might even think

That she has more than

Your body on loan


But does she know

That the jagged edges

Of your soul

Have draped over

The jagged edges

Of my soul

Lining up

Like torn pieces of a

Treasure map?


Leaving delicate pink newness

That could be torn apart

With enough force

Leaving us both bleeding



Or with time

And proximity

Could knit

Into a long, strong white scar

Leaving new topography

Only you and I can travel



© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


      1. “If you got today, you don’t worry about tomorrow, man
        Because you don’t need it
        Because the matter of the fact, as we discovered tat’s rain, tomorrow never happens, man
        It’s all the same fucking day, man” – Janis Joplin


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