The Animals and I

S. K. Nicholas carving the mysteries of the universe with strands of silver words.

S. K. Nicholas


She breathes in, and when she exhales several seconds later, out comes a mist of stars that wraps around her like a second skin. The road that carries her, it’s a river and an arrow and a song that bubbles and hisses in the bellies of the animals as they raise their paws to the moon in celebration of the one they call mother. Such moments. Such beauty so many will never see. When she closes her eyes and feels each beat of her heart rattle through her ribs, the animals follow in awe as do I. I am an ugly man. A mess of broken dreams and bitter failure, and yet in her shadow, I escape this cage and dance as if my madness were not a curse but a gift to be cherished. On the leaves that scatter around me, I taste her and I taste God, and…

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