An Exchange Quick and Quiet

You held me

in tender embrace

in your deepest heart

We lived together

laughed together

dreamed together

breathed together


that anyone

could take my place


It was an exchange

quick and quiet

waking up alone

stripped of you

of our imagined future

A featherless

newborn bird

raw, pink



Heads turn

away from me

ugly in my grief

unsightly in my pain


I am no martyr

but the loss of us

steals my breath

drags me underwater

seeks to drown me

threatens disintegration

No room yet

for shiny toothbrushes

on the bathroom sink

unfamiliar tee shirt

hanging behind the bedroom door

or poetry written to new eyes


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. Love how you captured the sadness of a relationship that means something, yet ends. The last stanza carries this very familiar feeling of not been able to move on yet, even though you know you will do eventually (I’m no martyr).


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