Black and Blue


Songs that rip your heart to shreds

playlist on Spotify

music chosen unconsciously

to pick at the scabs


Lying on the floor

staring at the ceiling


on the unrelenting surface

too inert at move

Doesn’t matter

where my body lies

I am trapped in my head

haunting myself

I am my own

ghost of remorse

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. Such a playlist begins to form.
    Does everybody have one?
    Do they dare to let it run?
    Where would mine begin?
    Girl From The North Country (Dylan and Cash)?
    Crazy Mary (Bonnie Koloc)?
    So Long, Maryann (Cohen)?
    Dress Rehearsal Rag (Cohen)?
    The Verdi Requiem?
    Con onor muore & Tu? Tu? Piccolo iddio! (finale of Madam Butterfly)?
    So many songs from which to choose.
    No, its not the day for such a playlist.
    Better, perhaps, to let Suzanne take me down by the river.


      1. I don’t use streaming much. With 38GB of mp3s on the hard drive, I’m pretty well covered for whatever mood I want to go for. I can imagine putting together lists with those titles that would be funny, or darkly twisted.


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