We line up the edges

of our frayed hearts

thread a sharp needle

with silken thread

spun from fragile hopes

newfound trust


private smiles

midnight whispers

passionate kisses


We sew slowly


small, neat stitches

smoothing wrinkles

from our fabric

ensuring fit

checking for gaps


going back once or twice

to unsew missteps

correcting as necessary

before finishing a smooth seam


Step back

admire our handiwork

we have created

something fresh

something new

to wrap ourselves up in

on cold nights

tough enough to shelter us

in a storm

a thing of beauty

made from torn edges

and bruised flesh

a new whole

more than the sum of its parts


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



  1. There is a myth that love automatically, indeed, magically and nearly instantly conjures into existence the RELATIONSHIP, a finished product. It is not so. It is a garment sewn stitch my stitch, checked for fit, a patient labor, never complete and finished, beautifully described here.


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