The Choices Before Me


Originally published on Blood Into Ink


three choices lay before me

rose gold circlet

of willful ignorance

happiness of certainty


never again would I need to question

my words or deeds



no longer mine to carry

the diadem of copper poppies

bestowing the blessed gift of forgetting

shoulders lifted by the erasure of all painful memory

brow smoothed by childlike innocence returned

no shame

no terrors

to haunt my sleep

this tempted me briefly

but I grew worried

that what made me the woman I am

would also be lost


the crown of thorns remained

woven of twisted vine

barbs that pierce the skin

it rested most easily upon my head

I was never destined to be queen

writer of  truths is the mantle mine

gifted with the sight

my voice a whisper become a roar

pure red blood pricked from my finger

an endless supply of ink


Image courtesy of Katerina Plotnikova

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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