most believe

that the day of our birth

is the Monday or Friday we are

expelled from the womb

covered in blood and vernix

wailing our outrage

at bright lights

cold air

the volume of sound


our newborn ears


some believe that

birth is the moment

we gain consciousness

become aware

that there is a me

separate and complete

from you

me who thinks

who feels

who needs

who wants


I ponder whether

we are born


in the eyes of another

rare moments

of intimacy

where we strip

our souls bare

truly allow ourselves

to be seen

to be known

heart to heart

soul to soul


whether we experience

a birth of self

at moments of discovery

when we look at ourselves


pretenses stripped away

see and accept fully

who we see in the mirror



sparkling candles

do not strike me

as true measures of insight

nor indicators

of wisdom

some are only born once

unto this world

while others

shine with the light

of being born

and reborn

many times 

through the years



Inspired by a piece of drunken dialogue on the TV show The Imposters

Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. I have often questioned the concept of birth and self-perception, believing that I myself have died and been reborn multiple times over the course of my life.

    Great piece exploring this concept.


  2. Very philosophical, and, our birth comes, when we become, fully developed, as a person, NOT just physically, but becoming mentally, emotionally, psychologically matured, and sometimes, this “birth” takes our whole lives, and some of us never even get there…


  3. Its a long, long time another poet’s (Bob Dylan) words have echoed the reminder that birth is a continuous process: “he not busy being born is busy dying.” And then Joni sang, “Well something’s lost, but something’s gained
    In living every day.” So here it comes again, that connection and necessity, being alive and being born every day.


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