The Shape of Water

shape of water

we do not need words

we do not need a shared

written language

we have eyes that truly see

lips that speak a common tongue

a shared palate for the aroma

the taste

of the salt that glitters

on each other’s skin

when we flow like silk

against each other

and boundaries dissolve

like sea foam

at dawn


© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

27 thoughts on “The Shape of Water

    1. I find that an important component of a successful long-term relationship is being open to feeling that with each other and remembering that intimacy. It will never again be like the first two years of the relationship when it is all hormones and romance, not laundry and grocery shopping, but creating those moments when that can happen has to be a mutual commitment.


      1. I am always redecorating my blogs. It gives me a chance to be creative. I feel if the appearance of a blog is appealing, it will draw more readers. I love darker backgrounds because it’s much easier on my eyes.


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