Running with the Wolves (revisited)




shines on skin


frost crunches

under bare feet

breath a vaporous cloud

visible in the chill night air

I do not feel the cold

shiver only from the thrill


Mournful cry

of my brothers and sisters

in the still night

calls to me

sings of adventures

to be shared

pulses in my veins

awakens the hunter

lures me to the pack


I give up

my fear

my humanity

I offer


red blood

burning passion

that smolders deep

I embrace

the night

heady freedom




I am running with the wolves tonight


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



  1. I’m loving this poem My daughter and I were at a Women’s Music Festival years ago and we were in a fabulous workshop that had us howling like wolves. We went to a concert that night and with a signal from the workshop leader, our entire group started howling at the top of our lungs and it was incredible…everyone else was dead silent and listening. We were like wild wolves, in touch with the primal howl inside of ourselves. I’ll never forget that. It was amazing. Wolves are special to our family. It was my son’s totem animal and I have a huge photo of them staring at me right now. I have pictures of them throughout my house. Women and wolves…definitely.


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