The Ache of My Bones


Inspired by Sarah Doughty’s A Way Out


I feel you in my bones

deep within the marrow

your name written

crimson and ivory

on platelets

and leukocytes

I reach out my hand

but still you slip away

so much crystalized


crushed calcium

leaving me brittle


bitter scars of ossification

only proof that you once

dwelled within me


Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. I enjoy this so much… You have taken a fantastic original and reflected it with a brilliant personal touch. It is so inspiring to see such productive collaboration between talented artists!


  2. Let’s start with the image you chose. It is immaculate! As a biochemist, I was so thrilled to see how you played with the bodies composition. I was blown away by the beauty of this poem. I would love to see you over at my blog sometimes. Feel free to browse around and let me share your thoughts in the post comments.


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