Jigsaw Puzzle Reimagined Take 2

Glimpses of me

in the mist

shift like

a kaleidoscope

before I retreat 

into shadow


My constant motion

never allowing

panoramic images

to be revealed

You see only




Each its own truth

lacking cohesion


Multiple jigsaw puzzle

versions of me

packed into a single box

Shaken violently



contents tossed high into the air

left to fall where they might

leaving me to

glean new patterns

soothsayer reading the bones


Who am I now?

Calm, nurturing earth mother

Teasing big sister

Boon companion and friend

Dark dangerous woman singing her siren song

Deepest soul mate

Vulnerable woman-child

with the trembling, bleeding heart

huddled in the corner

afraid to move in any direction?


Am I all of the above?

None of these?



lacking insight

Am I looking for wholeness


in the eye of a beholder?


I crawl on hard tile floor

sift through wreckage

begin to reassemble the

puzzle that is me

No box cover artwork

for reference

afraid of what

might emerge


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. The earliest mechanism of the I Ching oracle was found in the cracks of a heated tortoise shell suddenly cooled … Shamanic seeking of wisdom and wholeness in something shattered. So, a Book of Changes revealed one poem at a time.


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