Mother’s Day

Mothers day


for this
motherless child
it has been
almost two decades
but fingers still itch
to pick up
old-fashioned receiver
on sundays
punch in your number
tell you about the 90’s
elijah earned on spring finals
hear you laugh that al
is indeed my karma
roll your eyes
across the miles
at my latest tattoo

we were puzzles
to each other
mismatched pieces
that often
rubbed and chafed
i was never
soft cardboard
was i?
lasered steel perhaps
sharp around the edges
your mysteries
still reveal themselves
from time to time
causing the kaleidoscope
picture I carry
to abruptly spin
rearranging the
colored shards
of myth
and memory
as your fractaled image
shifts into something
an unfinished narrative
for me to ponder

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. Happy Mother’s Day dear Christine, I am a mother too to a teenager… I could sense from your poem that it is a tribute to your mother, right? It’s beautifully penned. I have started following you on Instagram 🙂 Yes finally I am back on Instagram…my id is piyali_rb


      1. They can be, although I’m luckier than many I think. I was with mine today…I love her, but I so miss my dad’s humour.


  2. As always, Christine, a powerful expression of your heart and one that shows us the conflicts we all carry with us of those we are most deeply connected to. Mother’s Day… more thoughts on it, but I pause first to simply honor you as a mother, and as a dear friend who was as much a mother to me in my time of great need. For the time I was your child, I am grateful to be growing again. — Stephen


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