I rise from the dead beautifully

my gift


I have brought myself

back to life

a time or two before

Inserted the IV

with my own hand

Cut through my skin

with my teeth

Spread my own ribs

Applied the volts

of electricity

directly to my

dead heart

Shocked it

until the heartbeat resumed

normal sinus rhythm

before the code

was officially called

Body bag lying

unused in the corner

of the sterile examination room

Discharged myself

against medical advice

limped down long white

hallways with their

unforgiving harsh lighting

stitches raw


loosely covered

in gauze

Walked out

the sliding glass doors

wearing only

a hospital gown

and institutionally issued

non-skid socks

into the waiting night


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

18 thoughts on “Resurrection

      1. Would you like to share your content on our open blogging social website and get your blog to reach more people?


        1. I am a Managing Editor at Sudden Denouement, Sudden Denouement Publishing, Whisper and the Roar, Blood Into Ink, the Go Dog Go Cafe and Indie Blu(e) and am preparing my first book for publication. I am deeply flattered but have A LOT on my plate right now.


          1. That’s great. But I would like to let you know, Ascerblog is nothing like a dedicated blog thing.
            It is a social network for writers go get in touch with each other and promote their stuff.


          2. To be frank Sadah, I do have an account there and I have never used it. It is so broadly defined and stark that it is hard to figure out how to use it. Is it Facebook for writers? Is it a sight for talented Indie Writers to connect and cross-promote their writing? Are there moderators or content curators? I’m not disinterested and I am really flattered to be invited but its hard to prioritize something I can’t figure out how to engage in using the very sparse information on the site. I assume you are a founder or at least a passionate user- what is the mission? How can you communicate it more effectively? Tell me how to use it and why I want to be there instead of Facebook or WordPress where I already have a strong writers community.


          3. It is a kind of facebook for writers, but not facebook. It is a place where the content is analyzed by various techniques and only quality content is allowed.
            Writers can share their pieces, promote their work and get in touch with each other if they wish to, to collaborate and make some beautiful stuff.


          4. I would never know that from reading the information you have available on the site. I am not being critical- I am actually trying to offer you my experienced editorial eye. You would attract more experienced writers who stay and participate if the site were more inviting and more clear and transparent about what you want to happen there. There is not a single place where it even says that this is a community for writers. Try to look at the site as someone who knows nothing about it would. In concept, it is interesting. I frequently promote other writers. I am passionate about it. I collaborate frequently with others. I wouldn’t even know how to make that happen on your site. Sorry, you didn’t ask for all this feedback. This is just the fourth time I’ve been approached about joining Ascerblog and every time I go, I look, and move on to something else because I can’t figure out how to use it.


          5. I hope now you know how it works.
            And I will convey your feedback to the team.
            Thank you.


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