Ghost Stories

My dead

have been haunting my dreams this week

long, vivid dreams

rich with detail

symbolism unclear

my dead do not seem to understand that they

have passed through the veil

leaving my unconscious to wonder

whether it is bad etiquette to mention it

Has Miss Manners ever addressed

interactions with poltergeists and spirits?

Seems rude somehow to bluntly point it out

insensitive even

It gives me pause

leaves me wondering

if what they are trying to show me

is how easily someone like me

can delude themselves into thinking

that they are still breathing

that their heart still beats

long after the blood

has frozen solid

in their veins


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. I wonder whether they would believe you if you did tell them, but then, there is the apparent fact that if one does not believe in an afterlife, then the only immortality is in the memories (or, libraries) of others. Perhaps, they would reply that as long as they can inhabit the dreams of the living they are not entirely dead.


      1. In his “Don Juan In Hell”, George Bernard Shaw has The Devil describing the advantages of being in Hell, ending with, “…and best of all, no sanitary issues.”


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