Second Place Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Bones that Breathe/Aurora Phoenix

fetally curled


on the concrete floor

I am devolving

gelatinous mass

of aborted malformed



reeking of whimpering

helpless abandonment

as flesh of my humanity

sloughs from my bones

flutter of my waxing


is the invisible beat

of hummingbird wings


succulent nectar

in bejeweled flashes



in the arctic blast

penetrating blizzard

of condemnation

blinded by ruthless

howling villainy

my bronchi spasm

as breath lixiviates

in lengthening gasps

from my blue

asp-bitten lips

death-rattle of my slowed


is the imperceptible trickle

of mountain snowmelt

icy pristine


fomenting spring


my breath calcifies

in a stertorous


while lilies Monet

blue-green o’er

primordial ooze


my bones exhale

anguish of fractured


as a prism

of downy flocks float

on a balmy zephyr


in tenebrous moments

when my soul

hovers on the precipice

of its extinction

the universe


drops ultimata

in every crisp


falling leaf


I am more

than the frailty

of my beleaguered

breath and bones


my bones

though shattered

are not mine alone

they are the bones

of all that have grown


my breath

though ragged

belongs not to me

it is the breath

of all infinity

I spent over 2 decades as a clinical psychologist, prior to the decimation of my world when I was suddenly incarcerated 2 and a half years ago. My writing was born in that caged existence – not a choice but a soul-saving necessity.  I write as Aurora Phoenix at Insights from “Inside”

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