Vibrational Sensory Loss

I am now routinely pricked with pins

Sensations disturbingly do not match


My right hand

right leg

become phantoms

Their volume dialed down


ghosts of their former selves

prone to unpredictable behavior

I keep rubbing my right hand

trying to show it

what it is like to feel

Remember I implore

it does not have ears

I am afraid

of disintegration


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. Christine, I have a small spot on my left thumb, near the tip, that has been numb since a band saw bit me there about 40 years ago. I read this and imagine the whole hand that way. You make that easy to do. Your writing (especially the erotica) is so very tactile, the sense of loss is almost too clear. I want a remedy to be found.


    1. Thank you Bob- it is actually my right leg and foot. Oddly, it is not the whole leg but one side, I have grip problems with my right hand and tremors in both if I overextend myself. Many of the neurological issues are related to fibromyalgia but we have never solved the mystery of the vibrational sensory loss in my right leg.

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