Blurred Lines

A pedestrian walks over an illustration to draw attention to domestic violence against women, on International Women's Day in central Istanbul

line between art
and hate
drawn in chalk
on the asphalt
has become blurred
by the feet that straddle it
insisting that all is fair
in creative expression
and war
do you get off sexually
on the violent images
you paint so graphically
of dismembered women’s bodies
reduced to objects
for your craft?
or is it the thrill of attention you seek
from those who
break complicit silence
voice their outrage?
I sense an air of self-satisfied
intellectual superiority
from self-declared
smugly letting the protests
roll off your back
confident in the belief
that we are unworthy wannabes
who cannot possibly appreciate your brilliance
your importance
as a true artiste
perhaps my resistance
to acknowledging  your poetry as high art
(literary snuff porn came to my mind)
means I am a delicate little snowflake

I can live with that

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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