Indie Blu(e) Welcomes Christine E. Ray

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Christine E. Ray is an indie author and freelance editor who lives outside of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She is editor of Sudden Denouement Publishing’s soon-to-be-released “Anthology Volume I: Writing from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective” and “a Sparrow Stirs its Wings” by Rachel Finch.  Christine will be releasing her first book of poems and prose in July of 2018. Her writing has also been featured on SpillWords, fēlan poetry & visual zine, Nicholas Gagnier’s “Swear to Me” (2017), and his upcoming collection, “All the Lonely People.” She also served as editor of the show chapbook for the Creative Women of Lansdowne Art Show (2018)

An avid writer of fiction and poetry in her teens and 20’s, Christine returned to creative writing after a long hiatus in 2016 when she launched her blog Brave and Reckless.  Although she primarily considers herself a poet, she is known on WordPress for…

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2 thoughts on “Indie Blu(e) Welcomes Christine E. Ray

    1. Thank you Chuck. Although as I founded the site, I do feel like maybe I had an unfair in with the editors! 😉 I am, however, very excited about the upcoming releases of both my book and the books I edited.


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