Morning, My Nemesis

open one  eye
clock tells woeful tale
I overslept
sit slowly so room doesn’t spin
drunk-stagger to dress
lean my back against wall
to keep balance
looking every inch as bad
as I feel
numbness becomes radiating pain
that takes my breath away
seems ironic
shouldn’t it hurt less
if I have lost sensation?
try not to drop anything on the floor
I no longer bend
sometimes the past catches me cold
leaves me stuck in the middle of the room

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “Morning, My Nemesis

  1. What does the clock say? Bladder says it doesn’t matter, “UP! NOW!. Joints protest. Ankles threaten to go on strike, force a shuffle. The major argument against going back to bed is having to get up again. Coffee beckons, seduces.


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